Thief of hand

thief of hand
thief of hand 12x12in, other 2017 Artist Makiko Furuichi
February, 17, 2018

Makiko has realised that the roots of her creative expression come from her teenage obsession with reading and drawing ‘Shojo-Manga’, Japanese female manga, something she was deeply ashamed of during adolescence.Her exposure to European art culture, has seen her creativity expand and develop way beyond the world of ‘Shojo-Manga. In this exhibition, she will be showing new brightly coloured paintings exquisitely capturing the proportions and movement of the human body, alongside these will be a selection of drawings and zines in collaboration with British comic artist Jon Chandler.

Location: WISH LESS 5-12-10 Tabata Kita-ku Tokyo Japan
View website: Thief of hand