Portrait Study 8-14-18 by Artist Daniel Ochoa
Artist Daniel Ochoa
Fantasia Paintguide group show at Spoke Art
Begins 2018-11-03
A group exhibition of artists associated with Paintguide, hosted by Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, California.
San Francisco, CA

dispute by Artist Makiko Furuichi
Artist Makiko Furuichi
KAKI Kukeko
Begins 2018-06-23
Solo exhibition
Frac des Pays de la Loire

thief of hand by Artist Makiko Furuichi
Artist Makiko Furuichi
Thief of hand
Begins 2018-02-17
Makiko has realised that the roots of her creative expression come from her teenage obsession with reading and drawing ‘Shojo-Manga’, Japanese female manga, something she was deeply ashamed of during adolescence.Her exposure to European art culture, has seen her creativity expand and develop way beyond the world of ‘Shojo-Manga. In this exhibition, she will be showing new brightly coloured paintings exquisitely capturing the proportions and movement of the human body, alongside these will be a selection of drawings and zines in collaboration with British comic artist Jon Chandler.
WISH LESS 5-12-10 Tabata Kita-ku Tokyo Japan

Self by Artist Daniel Ochoa
Artist Daniel Ochoa
Disrupted Realism
Begins 2018-01-05
Artists included are Alex Kanevsky, Anne, Harris, Kai Smuel-Davis, Justin Bower, Lou Ros, Bruce Samuelson, Daniel Ochoa and more. Curator John Seed states, In the past few decades, realism in painting has made a comeback. As traditional skills return, a number of artists in the U.S. and Europe have been inspired to challenge the rigor of their realist practice by disrupting their imagery. This exhibition will be the first time that disruption is set apart from other trends in modern art and framed as a distinctive movement that deserves further examination.
philadelphia, PA

Marcus orb by Artist Angela Bell
Artist Angela Bell
The Affordable Art Fair
Begins 2017-10-18
The Affordable Art Fair
Battersea, London

 by Artist
Royal Ulster Academy 136th Annual Exhibition
Begins 2017-10-10
Northern Ireland's premier annual art exhibition.

Eve by Artist Masha Gusova
Artist Masha Gusova
Begins 2017-08-09
Group show at Jonathan LeVine Projects
888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Soft Bomb by Artist Kirstine Reiner Hansen
Artist Kirstine Reiner Hansen
Unseen Between Worlds
Begins 2017-06-15
group show
Hamburg, Germany

Joy by Artist Angela Bell
Artist Angela Bell
Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition
Begins 2017-06-13
Two of my pieces have been selected for the exhibition this year; Joy and Lift

Portrait 4-10-17 by Artist Daniel Ochoa
Artist Daniel Ochoa
Scope Basel with Aureus Contemporary
Begins 2017-06-13
Aureus Contemporary will be showing several artworks including one painting and two drawings by artist Daniel Ochoa for the 2017 Scope Basel art fair.
Basel Switzerland

 by Artist
WOW x WOW Lightning Bolts and Little Sparks
Begins 2017-06-02
Online Group Exhibition opens June 2nd !

Drawing 1 by Artist Daniel Ochoa
Artist Daniel Ochoa
Pence Gallery Group Exhibit
Begins 2017-06-02
A small works exhibition with artists Chris Leib, Kirstine Reiner Hansen and more.
Davis, California

Portrait of an Actor by Artist Daniel Ochoa
Artist Daniel Ochoa
Arte Novus
Begins 2017-05-29
Arte Novus has posted some of my work on their arts platform.

Gather by Artist Angela Bell
Artist Angela Bell
Jackson's Open Art Prize 2017
Begins 2017-05-12
An international platform for recognising excellence in contemporary art, judged by a jury of artists and curators. I was awarded 3rd prize for my piece Gather.

Betty by Artist Angela Bell
Artist Angela Bell
Super Natural A Survey of Figurative Contemporary Art
Begins 2017-04-28
Curated by Karim Hamid in association with the Aureus Contemporary Gallery, New York. I have three pieces showing; Betty, Marie, and Bend and Snap
116 E 7th Street, New York City, NY